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When internet went down

I have just suffered the most terrible day that my house's internet was broke. I felt unhappy because I did not know what to do then. Before everything I can see, I can do are on internet, now I think I can't do anything without it. However, after going around and around my house to find something to do, I started feeling bored. Actually I want to go to some places in city but i did not have internet for google map. Finally I decided to go out without google map.

I think there are something I can't experience if I have a google map. I follow my device and just go to destination in one way. But When I am lost I have to be able to find right way by asking people, imagining about the road and observing buildings's name, road's name. Even before I know exact road I must go on the same road many times. However I can explore new roads, new buildings, new landscape which I never see before. That is so excited.

After finding a park, I started go to library for reading book. There are many people in reading room, a quiet spaces. I am interested in language and economy so I try to find some books related. I accidentally saw book "Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women, Take Charge Of Your Money, Take Charge Of Your Life" and took it for reading. This is really good book for anyone not only for women. I think this book changed some big decision in my life.

If internet was not broke today, I would never get some things like that. The real life always is better than virtual life. I can't explore the world through internet, I can't fall in love with people through internet, I can't have experiences through internet.

Virtual life on internet

I have never thought that I would live in virtual life on internet before. Because I didn't see any benefits or improvement in my life. Simply, it takes so much time and money. 
However, I have had one recently. I am so surprised why I was addicted to life on internet. I make new friends and talked with them everyday. We kept in touch that we could know what others do, their feelings as well. I ignored some real relationships  and tried to connect people I don't know who they are, where they live and if they tell lies. Sometimes, they care me, sometimes not.

Stuff for learning real english

1. Online Dictionary  : auto complete input, quickly searching : auto complete input : use for many languages : has many example for usage of the word (very good). Even get right word when we input wrong letter

But I think We should use both of two these dictionary
Cambridge  : Detailed explanation, usage with other word, example
Oxford : Have girl with nice pronunciation

Sometime, if the word is difficult, find meanings in your language

2. Speaking
Talking with other really helps you improving your pronunciation. Although some people's pronunciation are not a standard accent, you are here to think and speak. Don't worry about that.

3. Listening
You should chose some special topic: music, fashion, education... Then find video about that topic. Ex:  . I don't recommend you find videos of teaching english. It seems not to be a natural and real english.  They speak slowly which is not good for you. You also can watch movie from english website. Try to not use subtitles.

4.  Recording and hearing what you spoke
This website site is awesome that you record online your voice and listening then. You also download your voice as mp3

5. Reading for memorizing vocabulary
Google news : linking to many news in different website
Blog Catelog : linking to many blog or article from many resource

6. Check grammar
Addon Chrome : check grammar when writing

7. Chrome Addon for quick meaning and pronunciation
English dictionary translate pronunciation

66 things in 122 days

It is inspired by this blog . I also want to make something special for time remain in age of 21.

Start date: Oct 10, 2016
End date: Feb 08, 2017 (122 days caculated by ).
Number of Items completed: 13/66

Complete 66 preset tasks in a period of 122 days

Not Started
Started but not completed
In process
Finished with completion date.


1. Get freelancer work
2. Travel to Vung Tau and meet a friend by motorbike
3. Build a small business
4. Maintain and develop community of girl developer
5. Go through all of big road in Sai Gon
6. Fall in love with someone
7. Build team for working, for hobby
8. Gain vocabulary in Chinese to chat smoothly on Verbling
9. Gain vocabulary in English to achieve upper-intermediate level
10. Spend time for fitness
11. Drink coffee with an old friend
12. Get a flower pot and take care for it
13. Take bath in the rain
14. Build 3 big and scale websites
15. Clean and decorate my room
16. Go and see beach once
17. Find a place with beautiful view in SG to take some photos
18. Make some niche site for auto income
19. Contact with neighbor a girl own fashion store.(get phone num first)
20. SEO for this blog to top
21. Go to the church once
22. Find out what is wrong with my fan. It is noisy
23. Go to library and working there
24. Get next part-time job. (end at 21/11/16)
25. Make new friend
26. Maintain my motorbike
27. Make 100 post in this blog. (total 52 post)
28. Write a book about productive:how to work more effectively
29. Buy a dress for my mother
30. Come back to hometown by motorbike
31. Go to movie theater with a friend or my sister
32. Control time on verbling website
33. Learn how to make a girl curious
34. Set aim 1 month for understanding Chinese conversation like English
35. Meet some high school friend
36. Khám phá xung quanh Phú Nhuận
66. Tổng kết đánh giá . 8/2/2017